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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Banco de Oro, A Not So Pro-consumer Bank!

Before I start, please do not consider this libelous because this is based on my "experiences", yes, experienced it so many times. I don't want to be so blunt but yes I can. I just want to share my thoughts to others. I feel that I am obliged to let people know what they ought to know.

I went just yesterday (Saturday) to deposit an amount as payment for my order online. I normally do this via BPI but unfortunately the branch closer to my place is not open on Saturdays. Then I decided to take a ride to the nearest mall which happened to only have BDO in it. At least banking in malls are open every weekend too.


1.) Depositing procedure still uses conventional method which is proven to be inefficient and time consuming.

*When paying you have to fill out a deposit slip with all the necessary information you need to let the teller know. Other banks like BPI uses this ATM-like equipment near the entrance where you would just need to input your deposit details forwarding it the system  and a unique code will be generated and you just need to give this code to the teller pulling up the details of your deposit. I hope all the other banks are sincere enough to truly find ways, look for "innovations".

2.) Tellers are not pro-customers and definitely not enthusiastic.

*I would have to say I may appear generalizing everyone and every branches. But so far, based on my experiences here in Cebu, I can tell most of their tellers do not portray great enthusiasm when they assist their customers. Like what do I mean? They just get the slip, take your cash, and process it on their computers and without minding that you are there. I work in a customer service environment for almost 5 years now. Representatives should do small talks, smile, and provide suggestions or answer customer's questions enthusiastically.

My banking with BPI or Unionbank is a pleasurable experience. When I ask questions or needs suggestion they smile and answer right away. Also, I had this funny experience with a BDO teller. When I give the deposit slip I failed to write down how many paper bills of every denomination I will be giving. While the teller is processing the details, she got back to me and asked me to specify them. I only gave two paper bill worth 1,000 each.  It would be kind of her if she could just write it down herself to speed up the wait. Is it against legal terms that I really need to do it personally?

Tellers also tend to make the time spent processing your deposit doing some other tasks in between making you wait longer. For instance, this teller processing my deposit was counting the money she had in her cash register while printing the receipt, and then when her boss approached her,she spent time answering her boss questions. It made me wait more! You guys should VALUE your customer's time...

3.) Definitely not pro-poor interbank deposit charges and possibly other transactional charges as well.

*Ive noticed this way back. My priority when I do banking is to hasten mytransaction and SAVE money or reduce transactional costs compared to doing it via MLHUILLIER or any other non-bank financial companies. BDO has this Interbranch Deposit charges. Imagine all their customers being charge for this amount of money is ridiculous! Why? Other banks don't have this. Like for instance, BPI don't require any interbranch deposit fees (May it be cash, check deposit) on any BPI branches anywhere in the Philippines. Interbranch withdrawal is also free of charge (For passbook or checking account).

When I asked the teller, she said the P50 pesos deposit charge is needed because I am not depositing within the same branch or the account is in another BDO branch than the accepting branch of the amount deposited. I was advised to simply put it as charges for "over-the-counter services".  So where's the point? I found this so unreasonable, maybe other consumers would! Of course, please expect bankers to deposit amount to their friends and relatives away from home. I believe they knew about this from the start, but did not even care. Instead, they may have thought of this as a good scheme to earn more and make more money. Well, who knows?!

Moreover, if the deposit charge serves as a service charge for over-the-counter transactions, do they mean that everytime they get our deposits and process them, their system need maintenance everytime per all transactions made? So the charges serves as a payment for the services given by their employees and maintenance of their system? So per customer doing the transaction they are getting P50? That's way too much! Imagine it happening everyday! Even if you need system maintenance, it is not even done everyday! Hello? Is their system poor or lowtech?


Thus, to conclude, if other banks can offer great innovations for their VALUED customers; if other bank can train their tellers to be more enthusiastic and proactive so as not to waste customer's time; AND if other banks can provide their services for free without the need to collect unnecessary charges, THEN how come BDO can not do this?

This should be one criteria in which bank we choose to save our money. Even If I was given a BDO account from my company still I'm lucky I don't have not opened my personal BDO account! I would recommend everyone to open an account in another bank. Anyway, that's their bank's policy. It's up for the people to give in or not, but I would advice people that as much as possible, look for a bank that don't have any interbranch charges. It is one way of accommodating bank's client at no extra cost on their part.

Thank you for thetimespent reading my sentiments. I'mjust so sad. Filipino companies should be pro-Filipinos. I've said my case. Please feel free to comment.

BANKS w/ DEPOSIT CHARGES (incompelete list):
BDO - local is free / P50 regional
Metrobank - minimum P50.00 for cash deposits / free for check deposit
UCPB - local is free, regional is P100 per deposit slip for amount P100k and below
LandBank - 50 pesos for below P10,000 / 100 pesos for P10,000 up
PNB - P100

BANKS w/ NO DEPOSIT CHARGES (incompelete list):

1.) UNIONBank
- zero charges for regional interbranch deposits (cash/check)
- tellers are hasty when making deposit, you dont need to wait longer compared to other banks. They take your deposit slip, process and take your cash and presto!! You're good to go.
- they offer an EON card for a minimum of 500 initial deposit where you can use for PAYPAL transactions and ATM as well.
-enrolling account for Online Banking is easy.
-email representatives answers your email promptly

2.) BPI
- zero charges for regional interbranch deposits (cash/check)
-they have a sophisticated way of getting deposit details from depositors and forwarding it to their system. They have a designated locations for these machines. It saves time and minimizing the people lining up.  You only need to give the slip with unique code to the teller and take your cash and then you are good to go.
-online banking enrollment is easy

Disclaimer: Information here are not absolute and may change without prior notice. Please do a personal research or visit or contact any of these banks for accurate information.



Anonymous said...

I truly agree with Drake Danaviir L. Cataluña. I have exactly the same comment against BDO.

unfriendly tellers. they dont smile at all, they look and move like slow robots while we are puppets, they process a lot of extras causing so much delay. they act as if our deposits are not what is paying them.

even when opening an account, personnel should wear a smile and should be accommodating.. instead, they act like investigators, as if we owe them money or as if we are filing for a loan we could not pay.

interbranch deposit used to be PhP 105.00-115.00. i think they lowered it to 50.00

if you need a bank statement, you would need to pay for a print out that does not even look like it came from a legal bank!! goodness. it is printed on a computer paper with no letterhead and they shamelessly ask for P100.00 for the print out. BPI mails bank statements that are printed in color on thick paper, with their logo.. no charge at all!

i used to have a credit card from Equitable. with the closing down of Equitable, we were automatically transferred to BDO.. the shift was immediately felt.. i was supposed to receive my new card but i cancelled because delivery was never effected despite their claim. i complained and told them to terminate my card because i got tired of doing follow ups. they did not even care to cater to the problem and immediately processed termination but charged me of an annual fee for a card that was never delivered. goodness! i threatened to complain and sue, the agent just told me to pursue. WTF huh?

i am an extra satisfied BPI client. I was a BDO super unsatisfied client. i hope they improve service.

Drake Danaviir L. Cataluña said...

Thank you for the comment, it seems like we almost have the same experience. LoL. :) With the credit card thing, I havent tried opening one with BDO and will never do. Hehehe

Danino said...

Yeah had those rubbish experiences with BDO before... well I love EON...

Anonymous said...

Bank of Commerce also has no deposit charges.

Anonymous said...

I usually do my banking online and contact BDO by phone or email. And they are excellent! Just try calling BPI's express phone and you would be lucky to speak to someone without waiting for 15 minutes. Or try emailing them and alleluia if you get a decent response (and not a "copy pasted" one) that doesn't really help.

Anonymous said...

if bank employee kaau.then, dat wud be the time na ma realize nio na its not dat easy...ung sinabi sa itaas na bakit xa pa ung kelangan sumulat sa break down ng cash? its for your/our own good ma'am...marami ng cases kc na my nagkakamali sa deposits nila tapos ung teller ang magbabayad..atlest pag ikw ung sumulat, clear sa inyong dalawa na un nga ung amount na ededeposit mo. kea nde allowed ung teller to alter or to change the deposit slip of the client..b4 u say anything bad about BDO, think first! ONLY BDO offers longer time and banking for their clients...they're open on sundays and saturdays..they got a lot of branches.if nde mn maka smile ung teller un ay dahil sa sobrang bz na nila sa damin ng client nia..eeh ikw kaya mag teller? para ma try mu ung feeling na pressured ka? may internet banking naman to pay ur bills if ayw mu pumila..

Anonymous said...

"When I give the deposit slip I failed to write down how many paper bills of every denomination I will be giving. While the teller is processing the details, she got back to me and asked me to specify them. I only gave two paper bill worth 1,000 each. It would be kind of her if she could just write it down herself to speed up the wait. Is it against legal terms that I really need to do it personally?"

dapat malaman mu na nde alowed ung tellers na mag alter o mag change na deposit slips or watever transactions nio po...dats for their safety and pra na dn sa inyo. kea kelangan tlga na kau ung sumulat!

Anonymous said...

Sa BDO mas maganda ang banking nila dahil meron Sat. & Sun. Credit card bibigyan ka nila kpag naglalaro sa 50,000 ang pera mo o savings account balance mo. Checking account sobrang dali mag-open kahit ilang account pa i-open mo. Sa BPI depende sa branch ang nag-smile na employees. Sobrang hirap mag-open ng checking account at sa credit card din kahit meron k pang credit card sa ibang BanKO.


BDO's interbank deposit charges is just too much but being an online shopping customer, the seller should've noted in their ad that the said fees may be applied so buyers can opt for other payment method, that's the reason why you wanna pay thru the bank and not use gcash because you wanna avoid the transaction fees =(

Angel Garong said...

Had same experience here... My savings acct was deducted of 300 pesos for ibterbranch deposit... bAkit ganun naghulog ka na nga tapos babawasan ka pa. nOw i emptied my bdo and not considering to continue using it. dAmn you bdo!

Anonymous said...

I have the same feeling. The only reason I bank with them is because of its convenient location inside a mall where we also do our grocery/shopping and family activities. They do not have chairs for their clients. You have to wait by standing up. They do not engage in smiles or small talks. They make you feel super 'liit'. Super long wait time if there are a lot of people. They do other tasks in between teller duties.

Anonymous said...

haven't experienced anything bad in terms of transactions and inter-relations with tellers and officers of the bank. BDO may have flaws every now and then when it comes to policy but im sure they have something which keeps them as the NO. 1 bank nowadays.


I also have the same sentiment. What I did is I opened a cash card on BDO aside from my savings account.

I enrolled to their online. Both savings and cash card.

Here's what I did. Because Cash Cash reloads is free of charge in any branch. Is used to deposit to my cash card instead of my savings account. Then I will transfer the amount from my cash card to my savings via internet banking and thats free of charge.

Though its hassle but I rather spent time using the net than paying 50 pesos for inter branch deposit charge.

I also have account in BPI. I also do internet banking. It's very far from BDO and other banks. BPI is very innovative. They have app for android and iOS devices where you can do mobile banking even if your in the middle of the street provided you are using 3G connection.

The transfer via internet banking is so very fast.

Additonal to the banks that requires no Deposit Charge:


Anonymous said...

Same experience with BDO.Unfriendly tellers and the likes.Kahit naman siguro busy pwede pa rin mag-smile at i-accomodate querries ng clients ng maayos.The only reason why I still have an account with them is their banking schedule and location.But for me the best,costumer-oriented bank is BPI Family Savings Bank in Batangas where I maintain my Savings and Checking Account.

Anonymous said...

Your experience sa BDO CEbu branch is the same with any branches in BDO dito sa Cagayan de Oro.
Theres a lot of BDO Branches here, and kahit saan na branch the same ang mga tellers. I dont know, cguro they are unfriendly to clientele kasi sila mismo sa branches nila hindi cla friends? parang unhappy cla.
we are their clients but when we transact there
1. they dont even look at us (hello customer nila tau!)
2. unfriendly, dont even smile at u
3. they create a gap na para bang mas mataas sila kaysa NYo. HELLO FYI LANG TELLERS NG BDO, mas malaki pa sahod namin sa Nyo.
4. Mas okay pang kausapin ung wall, kaysa tellers ng BDO! tao nga pero parang blanko lang.

Why is that BDO tellers? para namang lahat ng teller nyo in all branches in the entire Philippines ay nagtraining kung paano maging NOT PRO CUSTOMERS!

Anonymous said...

korekok! most especially sa BDO near Xavier University in Cagayan de Oro City, ang mga tellers walay ka amor2x, dili man lang mo smile.
maayo nalang kay accommodating ang mga guard ninyo, ang tellers ambot nalang ninyo mga inday pagtuon daw mog greet and smile bah! kay mga customer bia mi ninyo , ma pobre ba mi or madato.



Anonymous said...

My banking with BPI or Unionbank is a pleasurable experience. When I ask questions or needs suggestion they smile and answer right away. Also, I had this funny experience with a BDO teller. When I give the deposit slip I failed to write down how many paper bills of every denomination I will be giving. While the teller is processing the details, she got back to me and asked me to specify them. I only gave two paper bill worth 1,000 each. It would be kind of her if she could just write it down herself to speed up the wait. Is it against legal terms that I really need to do it personally?

YES! Anything written in the deposit slip must be written by the client/depositor, tellers are not allowed to write/alter/insert anything on it.

Anonymous said...

I love EON! talaga! but I have a bdo account which I coclose ko na coz I'm an online seller. Hassle sa buyers na magbayad pa ng interbranch deposit charge. WIll be reconsidering BPI.

Anonymous said...

What the heck! pati pala inter branch widrawal mayroon ang bdo! I have paid 100 pesos para sa 8500 na widrawal! imagine 100 pesos! ilang buwan na tubo sa banko before ka maka earn ng 100! and what! ibabayad lang para maka widraw! I HATE BDO! What the! I really have to find way para umalis na sa bdo!

Anonymous said...

You know why it's very difficult to open credit card and checking to BPI you can search it. BPI has low interest rates among all banks in the country they just protecting their assets that's why BPI is the oldest and I believe mostadvance technology among all banks.

Anonymous said...

Just Want to warn you not to Go to BDO Bonifacio Global City - University Parkway Branch. Worst BDO Branch. lagi nalang akong sinusungitan ng mga Teller nila doon everytime na nagdedeposit ako. Nakakainis. Ang babastos pa hinahagis nalang ang deposit slip. No manners at all. Mga Tellers Diyan wag kayong mayabang! Specially APPLE. sana makarating to sa management ng BDO ng matrain naman silang maging courteous sa customer nila. Hindi na ako pupunta sa Branch niyo EVER!! kaasar. Tama ang mga Peeps Dito Magtrain Kayo ng Teller niyo on How to Treat Your Customer Nicely Hindi yung Sila pa ang Mayabang!!

Anonymous said...

Walang kalaban-laban 50 petot ko! Just knew about this inter branch charge BS kasi nasa "province" yung branch I'm depositing to. Pfft.

Anonymous said...

Even metrobank do 50 pesos charges.

Anonymous said...

BDO - WE FIND WAYS ....of making money off our customers...

Anonymous said...

Inconvenient and unfair. In my case I opened my account back home in Laguna and I find it funny and absurd when I deposit to my account (in any BDO branch in Manila) and I have to pay 50 pesos. TO DEPOSIT ON MY ACCOUNT. wtf

Anonymous said...

Ung BDO sa cartimar between gil uyat ng libertad lrt station...sobrang babagal ng mga teller..wala silang sensitivity,nagchichismisan pa eh nangangatog n paa namin sa kakantay! Dapat maging istrikto ang bdo management sa pagkuha ng mga teller..ung mga teller na lumalaki ulo nagiging bastos tanggal dapat agad mga yan...may ganun bang may pinag aralan? Hays naman....

Anonymous said...

I've seen several negative comments, and I won't try to shift the mood, but I just want to point this out - these tellers are also people. Have we ever wondered why masusungit sila and it seems like wala silang manners? Clearly, it does say a lot about how they are hired and trained and evaluated, and let's face it, given their salaries and responsibilities. Tellers, just like any other employees, need motivation - whether from their salaries, from the way people respect them, and how their employers treat them. Baka lahat yun cause why they seem so anti-customers. Mejo I just got turned off dun sa isang comment na mas malaki sweldo niya sa mga tellers. That's kinda shameful to even think about. Do we even think that we deserve more respect because we are earning more than they? Do we even think that we deserve what we earn? Being a teller is also hardwork.Have we ever stopped to think how our job may be easier than them?

Anonymous said...

Same here santiago isabela k susungit ng ladies ng bdo prang lagi may period...kainis hind man lng mag suggest.hind man lng cnabi na may kasama pla or pwd pla na may atm debit card yun dollar acct n inopen ko kelangan ko p mag research s net at yun bumalik ako pra kumuha kya lng apply nnman at fill up ng form at need to wait ng 1 week pra m process naku nman kung sinabi n sna nung una pa eh d sna tapos n ang lhat.grrr

Anonymous said...

I have bad experience sa BDO surigao branch. Nung college palang ako nag inquire ako sa BDO about sa pag kuha ng pera na padala sa Moneygram. Ang ganda ng pag tanong ko syempre nag tanong na din ako if may charge. Sinungitan ako ng babae dahil nag tanong ako sa charge madami pa ata sya ginagawa para lang i-intertain ako. If ngaun nangyari sakin yun icocomplain ko sya talaga kaso bata pa ako nun mejo feeling ko din mababa ako sa kanya.

Blogger said...

I agree, me katamaran din yung iba sa mga tellers lalu na Sa sm sanpablo branch.. Pag sabihan ba naman Ako na ayusin ko daw yung pera na idedeposit Ko yung nakaharap yung Tao Sa Tao ok lang sana Kung pagkakadami nun Kasu Ilang piraso lang naman, kainaman.. Dun lang Ako nakaencounter Ng ganun Dahl Kung tutuusin trabahu Nila yun

Anonymous said...

I have the same experience in the BDO branches in Manila. The tellers are just so rude and would make you feel bad about yourself (super manliliit ka kung paano magsalita yung iba). I think it's a company culture thing.
As for being super busy... come on! Who's not busy?!

Anonymous said...

Same observation with BDO in SM North. Tellers don't smile kahit kaka open pa lang nila. Tapos ang laki laki ng branch na yun pero 4 lang tellers minsan may umaalis pa. I experienced queueing na nakatayo for 45mins just to deposit. Kung hindi lang BPI ang payroll namin, sa BPI ako magbubukas ng personal SA ko. Sa super convenient kasi ng BPI, baka magastos ko yung pera ko.

Anonymous said...

also here in BDO ANTIPOLO.. madalas ako magdeposit s account ng kapatid ko s BPI then one time nagdeposit naman ako s pinsan ko at BDO bank.. nagulat ako n sinisingil ako ng 50 pesos dahil s bulacan daw magsend.. dahil nagmamadali ako binayaran ko nalang sya. instead makatipid ako dahil alam ko thru bank no fee eh parang kalevel n ng bdo ang mga mlhullier.. akala ko bongga ang BDO hehehe bongga s pagkurakot ng pera s customer.. and also mga bastos mg empleyado nila.. the best BPI.. buti di aq nagopen ng account and credit cars s knila.. nakakdismaya

Anonymous said...

balik q lng tanong mo... do we think we deserved to treat like that? khit sbihin ntin n maliit o malaki ang sahod nila its not our fault.. trabho nila un dapat gwin nila ng maayos.. bkit ang ibang banko ok nmn attitude nila bkit s bdo di nila magaya ung gingwa ng iba? tinatanong mo ng maayos sagutin k ng parang walang pinagaralan.. maybe my ginawala silang mali kaya sila napagalitan ng boss nila or alam nmn nila mababa sahod nila then why choose to stay? di ko lng maisip bkit ganun ang ugali nila karamihan at naobserved ko lng s bdo yan.. just saying..

Anonymous said...

I do not like BDO SM Megamall A. They have zero customer service. I had an issue where my ATM card went missing and somebody withdrew money from my account. I was so devastated and the manager was not even eager to help me at all in getting my money back. Negligence kasi daw. I have to ask assistance from someone I know in the Head Office to get my case going. Even their tellers don't seem to know what they're doing. I was asked to change my PIN right away kasi nageexpire daw yung default. I just found out na hindi naman pala. Napaka least secured ng ATM cards nila. Upon issue ng card, it's just going to prompt for any 6-digit number which becomes your PIN already. And unlike other ATM cards, the default PIN doesn't expire (well siguro nga dahil wala silang default PIN technically)! Kung ganito pala ang process nila for ATM cards, I advise that they ensure by guiding the clients to an ATM machine and making sure they change the PIN before they get out of the bank. Anybody felt this way?

Anonymous said...

haha daming nagative comments pero talagang nakakaasar yung ibang tellers ng bdo pati bag na ginagamit ko pupunahin pa, tanungin ba naman ako kung taga probinsya ako kesyo naka bag pack ako, ano ba naman yun? di ko alam magiging pakiramdam ko noong time na 'yon maiinis ba or what.

Anonymous said...

we find ways TO INSULT YOU

Anonymous said...

nawala ang passbook account namin ng business partner ko, naka OR naman ,, bakit kailangan naka pirma din sa affidavit of loss ang partner ko kung naka OR naman.. tumawag ako sa CSR nyo pwedenh ako lang daw.. perompag dating ks bank,,di oa daw sure kung ma approve after kong mag bgay ng 2 id at notarized affidavit of loss at proof na wla sa country ang ka joint account ko..

naka OR account nman hindi naman AND account.

Anonymous said...

I was looking for a way to file a complaint against this one teller in BDO SM Bacoor who discriminated me and my younger for wanting to change his Kabayan Savings ATM card to have a "Mastercard" seal so it could be accepted internationally. She was so unprofessional and kept insisting that we just "WANTED" a stupid MC logo. And yeah, we were just wearing pambahay, but my brother's an engineer and I'm a dentist! It doesn't matter, of course. 'Cause they should treat their clients equally and professionally. It's a freaking bank for crying out loud. Anyway, we SO want to change banks right now. Will definitely look into other banks stat. Was thinking I could send them an e-mail/give their toll-free number a call. But it looks like it'll all be in vain. Thank you for this post. Goodbye BDO and your stupid ways.

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